Report: Mazda apparently downplays production RX revival

After constant bouncing back-and-forth as to whether or not Mazda was going to continue their rotary engine program to build another RX sports car, a glimmer of hope lingered and eventually showed its full light at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show with the revealing of the all-new RX-VISION Concept.

It was immediately an instant hit and total show-stopper as the future of the Mazda RX sports car and its unique rotary mill has been one of the most hotly discussed topics of the automotive industry ever since the RX-8 ceased production a few years ago.

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But in another table-flipping rumor from Australia’s CarAdvice, word from down yonder is that the RX-VISION was just an idea. The outlet says it spoke with Yuki Nakemine, Mazda’s global director and senior managing executive officer.

In their discussion, Nakemine described the RX-VISION Concept as “kind of a dream” and that there’s “no specific plan to mass-produce the vehicle,” which is like a dagger to the heart for anyone who likes fun sports cars.

What it really boils down to however is that Mazda’s currently trying to make sure their bread and butter are good enough to yield steady profit margins, which in-turn allows for better long-term stability and more opportunity for greater-risk projects.

Basically, what Nakemine is trying to say is that a halo car like an RX just isn’t financially feasible right now, whether it be risk, not enough demand or technical issues. Additionally, it’s allowing Mazda to gain more time and allow funds to accumulate, as Nakemine also suggested that this would allow the company to research and engineer a better vehicle.

Not all hope is lost however for the future of the Mazda RX rotary sports car as a supposed patent application for a new turbocharged rotary motor was found with guesstimations of around 400hp accompanying the application.

So thus, we come back to square one if this latest development about the next Mazda RX holds true, as in, it is possible. But it just won’t happen any time soon.


– By: Chris Chin

Source: CarAdvice


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