2016 New York: Nissan debuts new 565-hp GT-R to squeeze more life out of this generation

The R35 GT-R has enjoyed a nice, long life — one that seems tipped to end at some point in the next few years. Even if that’s the case, Nissan’s not finished iterating on the current model, as they’ve just launched the 2017 edition at the New York Auto Show.

Nissan is calling this the biggest advancement in the R35’s lifespan, with a roughly 20-hp power bump to bring the standard, non-Nismo Godzilla to 565 ponies. The new model has also been nipped and tucked inside and out. Nissan’s new corporate face, the V-Motion grill, is displayed proudly on the front, flanked by two Lexus LFA-esque intakes surrounding the daytime running lights.

The GT-R has also had a visit to the wind tunnel. The front splitter and side sills are more aggressive and defined. The belt line’s been raised and the designers sliced new creases into the hood, all in the name of high-speed stability and grip.

The end result is an everyday supercar the automaker has crowned “the best GT-R ever.” Although I’m sure the very passionate and very vocal fanbase might have just a couple arguments to make on that subject, the fact remains Nissan engineers managed to find a way to eke even more speed and performance out of the R35. And that’s quite a feat indeed.

—By: Adam Ismail