2016 New York: Here’s the hot new targa-like Mazda MX-5 RF on the floor of the Javits

It was certainly an interesting but contested proposition when Mazda first adopted the folding hardtop concept to the Miata for the last generation, which purists called a mistake because it rid the Miata of its lightweight essence. But it apparently wasn’t contested enough to keep Mazda from making another, because that’s what they did.

The MX-5 RF was revealed on the web not too long ago and now, you can see it for yourself at the Javits Center, should the opportunity present itself for you to attend this year’s show.

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However, unlike the previous MX-5’s folding hardtop origami, the new MX-5 RF’s hardtop works slightly similarly to how the Porsche 991 Targa’s roof does, in that the roof folds into the trunk, but the rear window and C-Pillars remain as one piece, providing the MX-5 RF with a targa-like roof configuration itself. The roof can be operated at up to speeds of six MPH and can actuate in less than fifteen seconds, or pretty much the length of an Instagram video clip, which you can see after the jump.

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Despite the increase in hardware for the MX-5 RF, it still comes with the same 1.5L and 2.0L SKYACTIV naturally-aspirated four-banger options as the standard Miata.


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