Rumormill: A faster Ford Fiesta is on the way to sit above the ST, but it won’t be called an RS

There’s been a lot of stir and commotion for the excellent idea of an RS version of the Ford Fiesta. However, not too long ago, a report said that Ford isn’t actually interested in producing a Ford Fiesta RS.

But regardless of this, they do want to make a hotter Fiesta. It just won’t be called the RS, according to AutoCar.

In the latest development, word of a possible faster Fiesta indicates that Ford could be looking to fill in a gap in its Performance brand market with the impending introduction of the Focus RS. This gap is due to the Focus RS’s starting price of around $36,605, and so thus, Ford could make a Fiesta ST “Plus” to fill this gap.m

Should this actually happen, the Fiesta ST “Plus” would sport a 1.6L turbocharged four with more grunt than the standard ST model’s 197hp.

To boost the performance appeal, you can expect more aggressive sport-tuned suspension, beefier brakes, and a six-speed manual as standard.

Would you like to see this Fiesta ST “Plus” happen? Or should Ford just make a Fiesta RS? I vote for Fiesta RS.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: MotorAuthority

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