Report: More Saab drama, as Saab AB says NEVS is banned from using the name on new cars

It seems another battle is brewing with Saab, but this time, it’s over intellectual property as AutomotiveNews reports Saab Automobile, owned by National Electric Vehicles Sweden, is banned from using the Saab name and Griffin logo for the new cars.

After speaking with Saab AB spokesman, Sebasian Carlsson, AutomotiveNews Europe says the company revoked NEVS’s rights to using the Saab name on cars and future automobiles. As if the rescuing of the automaker wasn’t already troubled enough…

Carlsson kept it brief without diving into specifics, but this doesn’t come as a surprise since Saab’s been facing major financial woes and still hasn’t paid off its debt despite numerous filings for bankruptcy and restructuring.

Currently NEVS is owned by a Chinese-based conglomerate, Dongfeng, after recently striking a deal, and since then, the company’s been keeping a rather low profile as it seeks to reorganize Saab.

Since the agreement with Dongfeng, some other interesting occurrences happened with NEVS as the country of Turkey secured all of the rights to the last car Saab ever made, the 9-3. Though interestingly as well, Saab received a massive order for a fleet of 150,000 new 9-3 sedans, based off of the last model made.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Automotive News

Chris Chin

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