Report: The Porsche 911 will get its first plug-in hybrid powertrain soon

CARandDRIVER recently learned Porsche will be offering a plug-in hybrid variant to the 911 on the regular, starting with the next generation, according to the company’s engineering boss for the 911 variants, Erhard Mossle.

Inspired by the Mission-E concept, the plug-in hybrid 911 is part of Porsche new electrifying initiative, not only offering the plug-in hybrid, but a full EV at some point. Though the EV won’t happen for a very long time.

Currently, the model is being researched and development and it’s no easy task as Mossle pointed out, the 911 plug-in hybrid could run into packaging problems. It’s a challenge to make sure the 911 platform can handle a lithium-ion battery pack.

In addition to stuffing a large battery pack in the 911, engineers are needing to redesign the chassis and suspension layout. It all is very challenging and understandably so, the 911 has one of the most unique layouts of any car in history, with its rear-engine placement. That alone gives it a unique handling character, designed only for the experienced drivers.

How do you maintain that with a large battery pack, which will most likely have to sit in the middle or at the front of the car for weight distribution? We’re excited either way to see how Porsche makes a 911 plug-in hybrid happen.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CARandDRIVER

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