Report: Hyundai’s developing a new hydrogen vehicle with a range of more than 500 miles

Hyundai is looking to step up their game with the push to hydrogen fuel-cell powered cars as they currently have the ix35 Fuel Cell, which is basically a Euro Tucson powered by hydrogen.

Now, they’re seeking to build a new, updated model to succeed this current ix35 Fuel Cell model, according to¬†AutoCar in the UK.

Hyundai supposedly spoke to the outlet and disclosed that the new model could boast a driving distance of up to 500 miles on one tank, with a top speed of 110 MPH as well.

These would be significant figure boosts over the current model’s 369 miles and 100 MPH top speed.

Hyundai didn’t specify when the new model would exactly go on sale. Nonetheless, it’ll also share its barebones with Kia, who’s expected to bring their own fuel-cell vehicle to the table sometime in 2020. By then, scientists and future supporters of hydrogen fuel-cell technology are hoping technology and infrastructure will be improved by then.

There was no word as to whether or not Hyundai will sell the new FCV here. But seeing as the ix35 Fuel Cell is sold here as the Tucson Fuel Cell, we should expect to see Hyundai’s water-emitting model on our shores as well.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCarUK

Chris Chin

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