Photo Rendering: TVR teases newest V8 sports car, due in 2017

‘Tis the season, and TVR felt generous by releasing a teaser pic and rendering of what could be their next, highly-anticipated return to the sports car world, with their V8 coupe.

As a refresher, TVR landed itself back into the hands of the British within the last couple years by way of entrepreneur, Les Edgar, following a stagnant ownership by Russian tycoon, Nikolai Smolensky.

Since then, Mr. Edgar has been funding TVR’s car operations so that the company will produce a new V8 sports car as a “supercar for the common man.” And through that process, we’ve learned the TVR sports coupe will come with a Ford-sourced 5.0L Coyote V8 with a new head thanks to renowned tuning firm, Cosworth, and lots of other tweaks.

Power is said to hover around 450hp to 500hp, depending the three applications: road car, track car, or Le Mans racer.

To add to the drool, TVR also provided their first rendering teaser of the new sports car. Knowing TVR and how they like to style cars for the affluent ax-wielding murderer, the renderings provided show almost other difference. It looks sort of a like a car for Dr. Jekyll instead. And it’s pretty bad-ass.

TVR said the style was created using the latest CAD software in addition to the classic method of producing scale clay models.

The new car itself, still unnamed, will feature the “world’s first affordable high volume carbon fiber chassis structure,” influenced by methods found in Formula One production, with inputs by Gordon Murray Design. Meaning, it’ll be built on a platform that’s pretty damn lightweight.

Other than that, we’re told that we’ll have to wait until next year to get the next teaser, which is just around the corner. For the next big update, TVR said they’ll be ready to reveal official information on the car, including full specifications.

I couldn’t be any more excited. TVR is back baby! The sad part is TVR didn’t disclose whether or not they’ll come to the US. Cross your fingers though…

– By: Chris Chin

Source: TVR




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  • issabendeck1

    as always american engines helping the english auto makers to live , so much for the so exentric UK that believe themselves to be, even rolls royce just some years a go stoped buying the automatic trannys from GM in favor to make them themselves so GM sent a grup of enginiers to teach Rolls Royce how to build them whats believe to be the best automatic transmition that there is , no wonder this english company is been using them for years fror their some of the best luxury cars ever built, that coudnt ve done it with out GM