Report: Man buys “pre-owned” problematic BMW M3–ends up being same one hooned by Jeremy Clarkson

Imagine this: you’re out to buy a brand-spankin’ new BMW 340i M Sport when you suddenly gotten a raise, and noticed a not-so-brand-spankin’-new BMW M3 could be had with just a “few” miles on it.

You decide to act upon sudden raise to spring on the lightly used, pre-owned 2015 BMW M3, or you’re a poor man by the name of Rob Willis in the UK, who did just that, only to end up with a lemon.

Sounds quite typical right…?

Well, you’d think so…until Mr. Willis was watching a good ‘ole fashioned episode of Top Gear UK with Mr. Jeremy Clarkson at the helm of the latest F80 M3…or specifically, his Yas Marina Blue F80 M3. He realized it from the matching vanity plates registered to the car–“YHI4 VPT”.

Willis claimed the M3 he had bought was described to be an “ex-demonstration” car that a sales manager once drove. Though the brakes were constantly squeaking while the steering wheel “made a clunking noise.”

The dealership honored his complaints and thus provided a replacement BMW 330d with some extras.

Altogether, this topic broadly confronts the question as to whether it’s good or not to buy a pre-owned car that was once a “demo” model. The prices usually offered on the “demo” models tend to be quite a lot more enticing when compared to buying new outright. But we all know, there are those who also believe the fastest car is always the rental car, and thus they’re not always treated with respect.

Even in the hands of us journalist folk, the cars lent out for media purposes are often a part of a third-party fleet who manages the cars and meticulously services them. Though as we once saw in Top Gear all the time, not all cars are driven gingerly for the sake of the camera.

As a result, a lesson could be had from Mr. Willis’ story and adds a need for extra consideration when being offered to buy a former “demo” car at a dealership. And don’t buy one that was once hooned by Jeremy Clarkson.


– By: Chris Chin

Source: The Sun


Chris Chin

Chris Chin is the Editor-In-Chief of egmCarTech and is a regular contributor to Automobile Magazine.

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