Rumormill: The next 2017 Honda Civic Si could sport as much as 230hp

The latest 10th generation Honda Civic is here in both coupe and sedan form, brand new, from the ground up.

With the press reception ringing in as generally positive for the standard models, questions are running a buzz about the next-generation Civic Si. Now the Honda Civic might be the buy word for the typical Fast and Furious wannabe, but the Civic Si has always been an honorable car because it always proved to the car world that Honda could still make a fun, sports car from the factory out of a humdrum basic form of transportation. As such, we eagerly await the next model as much as the new Type R.

According to Honda’s Civic 10 enthusiast site,, the new generation model could have as much as 230hp, quite a sizable increase up from the last model’s 205hp rating, from a naturally-aspirated, high-revving, peachy inline-four. Altogether too, it would make the new model the most powerful Civic Si ever.

For the previous generation and the eighth generation before it, the Honda Civic Si has always maintained a horsepower output of around 200hp, so this would be the first major bump in power in over two generations of Civic Si.

The power will be supplied by an all-new turbocharged four so while the new car has potential to become the most powerful Civic Si ever, it also has the potential to take a little step backwards since the charm of the Civic Si always came from its fast-acting 2.0L naturally-aspirated high-revving four. This would make it the first turbocharged Si ever as well, which is kind of sad. Nonetheless, the motor is said to be a detuned version of the Civic Type R’s turbocharged 2.0L mill.

Sitting between the axle and the motor though will still be a standard six-speed manual only. There wasn’t any mention of an updated helical limited-slip differential, but we’re hoping the new model still comes with it since a standard LSD has also been a signature item on the Civic SI over the past two generations for improved handling.

A launch sometime in mid 2016 is set to happen, before the Type R, while the Type R is still scheduled to arrive in the middle of 2017. The Si will still come in both sedan and coupe form.

– By: Chris Chin




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