Report: The death of the M2 is already scheduled for 2020

Even though the BMW M2 literally just came out a few months ago, BMWBlog reports Munich already set a death sentence for the car, by 2020.

With simple math that you don’t need an Asian to help you do, that leaves less than five years left with the car’s lifespan, meaning if you want one brand new, you better start saving up over the next few.

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Sources within BMW suggested production was to be far greater than that of the original 1-Series M Coupe, but the M2 will still be capped at 11,000 units total, averaging out to around 2,200 per year, globally. Some speculation suggests the number could increase though with the possibility of an M2 convertible variant, though such speculation remains in the rumormill, though such a possibility isn’t totally unlikely.

Either way, buyers still can opt for a pretty potent 2-Series coupe in the form of the semi-M-treated M235i.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: BMW Blog

Chris Chin

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