Report: The next BMW 1- and 2-Series should be front-wheel drive

BMW’s been known to be doing all sorts of things that contradict their original mission of being driver’s cars and “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” and the latest report from AutoBild further adds to the fiasco.

More news has surfaced via the German automotive outlet to imply the next-generation 1-Series and 2-Series cars will be front-wheel drive, and that’s a bit of a sad thing. We were already sad to hear the 1-Series, currently not sold stateside, but in Europe and Asia, will move to front-wheel drive for the next-generation and were relieved the 2-Series essentially took the original 1-Series’ place here in America, as Munich’s entry-level compact rear-wheel drive sports coupe and convertible.

But that’s reportedly destined to end as BMW wanted to make better use of their UKL front-wheel drive platform–as if Mini, the future 1-Series and BMW’s current 2-Series Active and Gran Tourers aren’t enough.

It may be a blow to us lovers of the traditional rear-wheel drive BMW, but idealistically, the front-wheel drive future models will help Munich better compete with Mercedes-Benz and their CLA, as well as Audi with the A3, given both of those cars are based off of front-wheel drive platforms. To potentially save the day however, the next-gen front-wheel drive 1- and 2-Series cars might be offered with xDrive all-wheel drive as options.

The good thing too is that none of this is particularly slated to happen for a few years since the current 2-Series in its two-door rear-wheel drive form could even possibly get a Gran Coupe version in 2019. So in order for that to happen and for BMW to make good use of that car’s time in existence, these full front-wheel drive changeovers aren’t anticipated to happen until well into the 2020s.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoBild via BMW Blog

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