Report: Is there a BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe on the way?

Enthusiast site, BMWBlog, reports Munich could be concocting a Gran Coupe version of the 2-Series, which means it’ll be a four-door coupe variant to the 2-Series, similarly to how the 4-Series Gran Coupe is a four-door coupe-like version of the 4-Series, or a less-practical 3-Series–depending on how you look at it.

This news comes after BMW’s apparently satisfied with how successful the 4-Series Gran Coupe and the large 6-Series Gran Coupe cars have been, so they want to continue with that trend.

Anticipated for a launch sometime in 2019, the 2-Series Gran Coupe will be rear-wheel drive, much like the current 2-Series Coupe. Though it should be noted the next-generation 2-Series is slated for a launch sometime in 2021.

Like the other versions of the Gran Coupe, the 2-Series GC should ride on an elongated 2er coupe platform, with much of the extra length going into the wheelbase to make room for the rear quarters and the extra set of doors.

But that’s not all as BMW is also supposedly planning a new X2 “crossover coupe,” which will basically be a baby-baby X6, or a baby X4.

Although none of this has yet to officially be confirmed, BMW’s Chief Development Officer, Klaus Frohlich, was keen enough to share these hints with BMWBlog, so needless to say, things are shaping out to be quite interesting in the coming years for BMW’s entry-level segments.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: BMWBlog

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