Report: The late Steve Jobs supposedly expressed interest in an Apple car as far back as 2008

Technology and smartphone giant, Apple, has been known to express grave interest in entering the automobile market, not just with in-car tech such as Apple CarPlay, but by making their own car from the ground up, under their brand.

But considering the fact Apple’s known more for producing consumer electronics, computers, and smartphones, people of all sorts of backgrounds immediately expressed their skepticism when Apple began suggesting that they might introduce their own car eventually.

According to Bloomberg however, this really isn’t news since Apple’s former, the later Steve Jobs, supposedly wanted to look into building a car as early as 2008.

Former senior vice president to Apple, Tony Fadell, told Bloomberg that him and Jobs talked about making a car on several occasions, even getting as far as brainstorming the kind of car Apple could make, what it would be like, how it would be powered and what the dashboard design could feature.

Jobs’ vision faces a possibility of becoming a reality since an “iCar” is rumored to be happening by the end of this decade. So far, the rumors indicate the use of an electric powertrain along with lots of semi-autonomous driving technology. We’re also willing to wager that Google’s interest in the automobile industry has Apple wanting to beat them to the punch.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Bloomberg

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