Report: The Audi R8 could get a 2.5L e-turbo five-banger

Four-cylinder engines and luxury supercars are often disassociated with each other since the idea of a supercar usually consists of it having some big honkin’ monster of an engine bred from the bloodlines and research of motorsports.

But that apparently won’t be the case for the Audi R8 sinceĀ AutoExpress reports Ingolstadt’s mid-engined sports car could gain an e-turbocharged 2.5L five-banger mounted in between the axles, behind the occupant cell. This sounds to be a modified version of Volkswagen AG’s preexisting high-performance 2.5L five-cylinder, currently serving duty in cars like the AudiĀ RS3.

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Ever since the second generation Audi R8 was launched, it’s only been fitted with the high-spec Lamborghini-sourced 5.2L naturally-aspirated V10 as the base 4.2L naturally-aspirated V8 was retired. Though Audi has since promised to add more powertrain options to the R8, including a possible hybrid or EV version. However, those have yet to actually happen. Now, Audi’s current five-cylinder engine might be added to the mix as an option to sit below the V10.

Unlike the RS3’s mill though, the one in the R8 might utilize Audi’s latest technology involving electric turbocharging. Previous rumors suggested a modified version of Audi’s turbocharged 3.0L V6, found in the 2016 S4, might be the base motor of choice. Currently, in the S4, it’s good for around 350hp and 369 lb-ft of torque, figures that are quite a lot lower than the past 4.2L V8’s 424hp and 317 lb-ft. But given how the new R8 went on a massive diet, less power might not necessarily be a bad thing.

Either way, it’s reasonable to bet the new base engine in the R8 will be lower than the original V8. Though according to Jurgen Konigstedt, Audi’s head of development, a turbocharged R8 wont’ be made available for another few years.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoExpress

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