Report: The Toyota GT 86 mid-cycle refresh to yield lots of tweaks and new lightweight carbon fiber roof version

Toyota’s sports car chief, Tetsuya Tada, spoke to Motoring, who learned that the Toyota GT 86 will get a pretty involving mid-cycle refresh pretty soon.

The refresh is said to include some tweaks to the engine, suspension, and the body while revealing a new lightweight variant with a carbon fiber roof.

But don’t hold your breath for the inclusion of a turbocharged engine, especially since the Subaru-based flat-four is capable of it.

“The WRX turbo is not a good solution for future fuel consumption and CO2 [emissions],” he said in the interview. He also commented on the question by saying turbocharged engines don’t sound or rev right for a sports car, and for a car like the GT 86, which is about precision handling and performance, this sounds about right (puts flame suit on).

The GT 86 is all about lightweight and cutting-edge handling, all in the name of fun and hoonery and with the non-linear power delivery of turbocharged engines, this premise could be compromised.

The downside to the updates is that the price of the GT 86 is slated to climb a bit.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Motoring

Chris Chin

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