Nissan teases what could be the next-gen LEAF for Tokyo

Nissan’s preparing a new concept for the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, due to happen in just a few days and they decided to tease it not too long ago.

Of course, specifics and details were kept to a minimum as per the usual manufacturer teaser, but speculation suggests this could be a new EV model, or basically what could be the next-generation Nissan LEAF.

Given how the current generation of Nissan LEAF is around five years old, this makes sense since it’s about due for a replacement, as per the average generational lifespan of cars.

On top of this, Nissan boasts a new LEAF is slated for a launch sometime in 2017 with a new electric powertrain offering greater driving distances on one charge, added passive and active safety systems, and even more technology to festoon the interior with. Some of the tech is even rumored to be of the semi-autonomous driving type.

Estimations suggest the new LEAF could now travel up to 248 miles, thanks to new batteries and more efficient electric motors, while in comparison, the current LEAF can only travel up to 155 miles. In addition to the new tech, platform, and powertrain, Nissan is also supposedly planning some additional variants to the LEAF, with the possibility of a more luxurious Infiniti version in the works.

– By: Chris Chin


Chris Chin

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