Report: Porsche’s working on a baby rear-wheel drive version of the Macan

Crossovers are continuing to take over the world as Germany’sĀ AutoBild reports Porsche is already in the works of a baby-baby version of the Cayenne to sit below the Macan. Last year, Porsche introduced their second crossover ever in the form of the midsize Macan, which is already a baby Cayenne.

Now, this new crossover is destined to fulfill the role of Porsche’s new entry-level crossover.

The plan, according to the report is to have the new entry-level crossover out and on sale before the end of the decade. Given Porsche’s heavy integration with Volkswagen AG and access to the company’s massive parts bins, this is likely to be accomplished.

Unlike the Cayenne and Macan, this new entry-level Porsche crossover will be rear-wheel drive with all-wheel drive as optional, but standard on the more expensive trim levels. Though it’s currently known as to what platform will serve as the backbone for this new crossover. Just don’t expect it to get its own bespoke chassis since that simply wouldn’t be cost-effective for the company.

Power is expected to be supplied by a range of four-banger engines mated to Porsche’s PDK dual-clutch automatic.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Auto Bild


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