Dieselgate Report: Volkswagen of America admits to possible 2016 TDI cars having suspect software

Part of the many findings with Volkswagen’s massive Dieselgate scandal is the discovery of malicious software used to particularly sense and deceive emissions testing equipment so that the cars could pass.

As the rabbit hole (no pun intended) goes deeper and deeper, more is being found and just to be safe, Volkswagen of America informed the US regulators involved that 2016 model-year TDI cars might also have the deceptive software installed on its cars.

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The software’s been dubbed the “auxiliary emissions control device” and according to recent findings, the software in the 2016 models is said to be slightly different than the ones found on previous TDI cars.

Though with the latest finding, the new software is said to be capable of making the car’s catalytic converter heat up quicker to improve the performance of the device responsible for separating the nitrogen oxide into harmless nitrogen and oxygen gases. So wait, isn’t that what it’s supposed to do?

Yes, said Volkswagen’s spokesperson, Jeannine Ginivan, though this specific software is pending approval by the agencies involved with emissions testing. So don’t take this possible suspect software as immediately being bad.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AP via ABC News


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