Report: Tesla’s CEO confirms entry-level crossover to be called Model Y

Tesla Motors’ CEO, Elon Musk, apparently likes to follow the alphabet since he just confirmed that the new entry-level crossover will be called the Model Y, following the recent Model X crossover.

Musk announced the name on Twitter, but has since deleted the tweet, most likely just to tease the public.

The Model Y is one of two new models due from the California-based automaker, with the next one being the Model 3, which is expected to be a competitor to the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and so-on in the form of a compact EV luxury sports sedan–basically a Model S mini-me.

When asked if the new Model Y would echo the Model X’s Falcon Wing doors, Musk enigmatically replied saying: “There will be a Model 3 and a Model Y. One of the two will,” which probably means the Model Y will have it.

The Model Y is said to be ready by the end of next year with a 70-somewhat kWh battery.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Road & Track

Chris Chin

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