Report: More details surface on the supposed new baby Honda/Acura NSX

Even though Acura and Honda are taking their sweet-ass time launching the production NSX sports coupe, word has already gone amok regarding a possible “baby” version of the NSX, and AutoExpress in the UK apparently received the scoop on some new details.

AE says this new “baby NSX” is to literally be modeled after the standard NSX, hybrid powertrain and all. Further bolstering the possibility that a smaller NSX coupe was in the works was the discovery of some new patent design renderings, clearly depicting a NSX mini-me.

This has not only the automotive news sphere excited, but enthusiasts as well.

Some have said the new sports coupe renderings could simply be a successor to the Honda S2000, but as more rumors popped up, word of a hybrid powertrain with the same 2.0L turbocharged four from the new Civic Type R plus some electric motors could net around 400hp, a helluva lot more than the original S2000 ever came with.

To further update the rumor, the hybrid powertrain has supposedly been modified with a 1.5L turbo-four rather than a 2.0L four for emissions reasons, the same new 1.5L turbo four due in the new 2016 Honda Civic sedan. Still, the power output is expected to be far greater than the S2000’s original figure, at 300hp.

The new smaller NSX is also said to be getting some development assistance from McLaren and Honda’s F1 team, with the production version only taking form as a coupe.

Should all play out as speculated, a launch sometime in 2018 is anticipated.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoExpress

Chris Chin

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