Video: This custom-made one-off engine is an insanely awesome V12 that Ford never made

Ford nuts might be quick to jump and argue, that Dearborn never made a V12 engine. But this isn’t an official Ford V12, rather its one built at the talented hands of the one¬†craftsman.

The genius behind this one-off, custom-made Ford V12 is Jan Baker, who built this mill, a 552-cubic-inch V12, roughly a 9.0L engine, with 597 officially dyno’d horses, by joining two Ford Cleveland 302 inline-six engines at the crank.

Speaking of which, Baker describes the engine as basically one that functions as two straight-sixes operating in unison. They even have their own oiling and ignition systems, and fuel and air are fed through two massive Holley four-barrel carbs in the valley. Sounds like a hot rodder’s wet dream.

But simply put, you don’t need to be a hot rodder to appreciate the amazingness of this creation.

Check it out after the jump, and remember to jack up your volume.


– By: Chris Chin

Source: The Horsepower Monster’s YouTube

Chris Chin

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