Video: Watch Aston Martin go behind the scenes with Spectre

Aston Martin’s major roll in Spectre is undisputed, despite being an obvious contributor to product placement. But James Bond’s official car has always been notoriously an Aston Martin! So it gets excused.

Nonetheless, the starring car for the world’s most famous British secret agent is the one-off DB10, which is to be driven like a bat-out-of-hell by Daniel Craig.

Aston apparently made a total of eight DB10s, some of which were destroyed through various stunts including a hero car specifically for Mr. Craig, two stunt cars, and two “gadget cars.” So we could only imagine how much this added to the film’s budget.

But who cares, it’s 007.

Check out a behind-the-scenes look, compliments of Aston Martin after the jump.


– By: Chris Chin

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2004 SPECTRE Pipe Laser picture
2004 SPECTRE Pipe Laser
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