Report: Mazda confirms that development of the rotary engine is still ongoing

Mazda’s been toying with our senses and the concept of their famous (or infamous, depending on who you are) rotary engine, and thus their RX sports car. Rumors have been bouncing back and forth, suggesting a new RX was going to happen, then not, then it was, then not again. It’s almost to the point where, we simply don’t care.

And guess what, AutoCar is back again with another update, where Mazda confirms that development of their rotary is still ongoing. AutoCar sat down with the company’s president, Masamichi Kogai at the Frankfurt Motor show, and Mr. Kogai said his engineering team was still dedicated to the project and “very enthusiastically” still working on it, with updated tech.

Though, given the rough history the last RX8 had with its Renesis rotary engine, he also reaffirmed the point that Mazda won’t launch the new rotary engine until they’re 100% sure of its capability to compete with the equivalent standards of regular, piston engines.

Could this mean an RX successor still isn’t out of the ball game? Only time will tell, but Kogai said a due date in 2017 is projected when the Cosmo Sport celebrates its 50th anniversary. For those who aren’t Mazda history buffs, the Cosmo Sport is known for being the first mass-produced production car to feature a dual-rotor rotary engine, in 1967.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCar

Chris Chin

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