Report: Jeremy Clarkson and friends’ new show will be called “Gear Knobs?”

Jeremy Clarkson and his co-hosts, Richard Hammond and James May, love cracking and calling each other different names, and one of them calling another a “knob” is just in line with their long list of British banter, so it totally makes sense when¬†BuzzFeed¬†supposedly heard their new show will be called “Gear Knobs.”

If you’ve been hiding from society (and in some cases, we don’t blame you), Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May were recently scooped up by Amazon to start a new show, following their departure from the BBC as hosts to the world’s most watched factual show, Top Gear.

According to the latest bit, Olswang LLP, a law firm who’s represented Clarkson in the past, filed some trademark papers for the names “Gear Knobs” and “Gear Nobs,” sometime in June.

But like any trademark filings, they’re just slight indicators since most of the time, such filings don’t really amount to anything, similarly to how automakers file trademarks for names for possible new cars all the time, tricking us media lot into thinking they might become new models. In reality, it’s just a preemptive step to stay ahead of the market to make sure no other competitors take the name ideas. More often than not, the trademark filings aren’t acted upon and are left to expire, for someone else to pickup.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: BuzzFeed

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