Video: Watch Jaguar set the Guinness World Record for looping in real life

As if Jaguar didn’t get enough spotlight at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show for revealing the new Jaguar F-Pace luxury sports crossover SUV, Jaguar decided to go full-fledged by even attempting a Guinness World Record for looping in real life.

Ok, we’re not talking about hula-hooping, but the sort of hooping you’d zoom your mini Hot Wheels around while playing around on the carpet, except in real life.

The stunt: to drive a Jaguar F-Pace at speed around a 63-foot loop, with the crossover being piloted by British stunt driver Terry Grant.

And upon completing the stunt, Jaguar won the Guinness World Record title while the F-Pace and Mr. Grant experienced a whopping 6.5 G worth of gravity.

Watch the video for the stunt after the jump.


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– By: Chris Chin

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