Video: BMW AG CEO, Harald Krüger faints on stage during company’s press conference at Frankfurt

Photo Source: The Telegraph (AFP)

You might think that those who work in the automotive industry have it easy, being around cool cars and dazzling events and what not. But truth be told, working in the fast-paced automobile industry is a stressful, sleep-depriving, and labor-intensive job in nearly every aspect.

It even affects those involved with upper management as clearly seen with this latest snafu at BMW AG’s press conference at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Approximately five minutes into their presentation, BMW AG’s CEO, Harald Krüger, who was leading the presentation, took a shocking fall on stage as he collapsed after reportedly fainting during the event.

According to The Telegraph, and other multiple sources, Mr. Krüger experienced a disabling “moment of dizziness,” causing him to take a tumble on stage. Since then, the BMW press conference was flat-out cancelled.

Mr. Krüger was taken to a hospital where he’s reportedly recovering from the incident and is listed in stable condition.

Combining the stress of an upper management job, along with intensive travel and also can have a major affect on one’s sleep patterns, as well as the act of being on stage for a massive presentation, visible by thousands around the world, one can only imagine what Mr. Krüger was going through.

We wish you well for a speedy recovery Mr. Krüger!
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– By: Chris Chin

Source: The Telegraph, The Financial Times

Video Source: The Telegraph

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