Offbeat: Mr. Bean celebrated 25th anniversary by arriving outside Buckingham Palace atop his Mini w/ video

Photo Source: The Daily Mail UK

If you don’t know who Mr. Bean is, then we’d venture to guess that you had a very sheltered childhood since Rowan Atkinson’s most famous role in television happened 25 years ago.

To celebrate this anniversary and to commemorate it, Mr. Bean decided to roll up ridin’ dirty on top of his famous, lime-green 1976 British Leyland Mini 1000 outside Buckingham Palace earlier today–rope and extended mop controls and all.

If you followed Mr. Bean, you’d remember the episode where he perched himself on top of his Mini simply because the insides of his car were just stuffed to the edges, with stuff, to the point where he couldn’t even fit himself in the driver’s seat.

His solution: to mount his armchair on the roof with some rope, while connecting some more rope to help him control the steering from up above. He then somehow managed to drive his manual transmission equipped Mini using a mop tied to a broom, to help with his pedal work. And some how, it hilariously allowed him to motor about.

Ok, us car people know this would be otherwise impossible to do with his rigging, but use your imagination for Pete’s sake. Happy 25th Mr. Bean!

– By: Chris Chin

Source: The Daily Mail

Video Source: Flicks and the City Plus


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6 x Mr Bean Novelty Car Hanging Air Freshener RASPBERRY Fragrance Scent picture
6 x Mr Bean Novelty Car Hanging Air Freshener RASPBERRY Fragrance Scent

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