Report: The new Bugatti Chiron should sport over 1,480hp and cost 2.2 mil euros

CAR recently received the scoop on the next Bugatti Chiron which they say could have as much as 1,480hp and 1,106 lb-ft of twist. And that’s quite a lot more than the standard Veyron’s original rating of just 1,001hp.

But that’s not all as the estimated power figures should enable the Chiron to get close to the 300 MPH, and we mean, real close, like 288 MPH as its projected top speed. That’s faster than the top speed of most single prop-engine Cessnas.

According to the latest finding, the new Chiron is also estimated to cost around 2.2 million euros when it gets revealed at the Geneva Auto Show next year. That’s close to around $2.5 million USD at today’s conversions.

The name still hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Chiron makes sense since it was the name of famed Bugatti racer, Louis Chiron. A total of around 500 Chirons will be built, so if you plan on scooping one up, better get on top of that soon.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CAR


Chris Chin

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