Report: Is Henrik Fisker getting back into a car startup again?

You may remember Henrik Fisker, the individual solely responsible for Fisker Automotive, or the premiere startups responsible for making one of the world’s first mass-produced all-electric cars.

Though due to serious management and issues with the actual product, the Fisker Karma, the company went bust and has since been lingering after being bought entirely by Chinese parts conglomerate, the Wanxiang Group.

Now though, the founder, Mr. Fisker himself, may jump back into the game with a new car company after resigning from the only company bearing his name long ago, according to USAToday. 

Details were sparse regarding this new venture, but Fisker himself was quoted: “I’m looking into starting a new company. There’s a whole new group of young people ready for the next thing.”

Whatever that next thing may be, has yet to be determined.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: USAToday

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