Video: Watch how Audi’s new digital gauge cluster works in the 2016 A4

Are classic analogue gauges just not cutting it for you in your car? No worries! Audi has a solution for you: their all-new digital instrument cluster destined for the next-generation Audi A4.

Audi’s been implementing an LED-based cluster for sometime, with it first debuting on the new Audi TT, the new Q7 and the new R8.

Similarly to that setup, the one in the new Audi A4 is based off of the same 12.3-inch LCD monitor with a high-definition resolution of 1440×540 pixels and a smooth 60 frames per second, co-developed with NVIDIA. That’s the same NVIDIA that┬ámakes killer graphics cards for intense gaming PCs.

Because it’s a completely digital setup, the 2016 Audi A4’s cluster functions the same way as the other models by offering the traditional speed and tachometer layouts, along with integrated telephone, radio, and audio displays, as well as navigation assistance.

It’s likely to be seen on our version of the A4 as well since Audi plans to implement the setup across most of its lineup.

To see it in action in the new A4, check out the video after the jump.


– By: Chris Chin

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