Report: The famous “Route 29 Batman” killed after breaking down on the highway

You may remember this Batman character from a few years back after a video of his traffic stop went viral, pictured in theĀ featured image for this post.

He was famously known as the “Route 29 Batman,” who was pulled over by Montgomery County Police of Maryland for not having proper vanity plates on his Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Though as the video of the traffic stop revealed, this funny character was actually an affluent gentleman by the name of Lenny, who actually spent his money on a specially tailored and custom Batman suit, and a Gallardo Spyder, all so he could travel to various childrens’ hospitals to bring happiness and joy to hundreds of sick kidsĀ and their grieving families.

It’s with utter sadness for me to report however that “Route 29 Batman,” now known as Lenny B. Robinson, was recently killed after his Lamborghini Batmobile broke down on Interstate 70 near Hagerstown, Md, according to police. He was 51 and died at the scene.

According to various reports, Robinson broke down partially in the “fast travel lane” of I-70 due to an engine failure with his Gallardo Spyder, when a Toyota Camry plowed into his Batmobile, slamming the car into Robinson, and killing him on impact.

Robinson not only portrayed the character as batman as he often acted philanthropically at hospitals, donating thousands of dollars in gifts and providing lectures on bullying. When prodded with the question as to “why,” he always replied: “I’m doing it for the kids.”

Robinson is survived by his three sons.

It is with a heavy heart that we send our deepest condolences to Lenny Robinson’s family and friends, and all those who he impacted with his selfless efforts–a hero in every true sense to the definition and as real as Batman could get.


Original Video via The Washington Post:

ABC News Report from 2012 featuring Lenny B. Robinson: LINK


– By: Chris Chin

Source: The Washington Post



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