Video: Tesla teases a new robotic snake to charge your Model S

We swear this isn’t something out of the latest Terminator action flick or even a cryptic advertisement for a new Metal Gear Solid videogame featuring Solid Snake (see what we did there?).

It is a solid-snake, but not in that fashion. It’s Elon Musk sharing what appears to a be a robotic charger arm-slash-tentacle prototype thing and it’s probably the creepiest thing you’ll see all week.

Musk shared it on his Twitter to show that it’s a real, functioning, automated charging arm for the Model S. Though we’d hope, should it actually be made a reality in mass-production form, that it wouldn’t catch anyone off guard while leaning over the Model S…

Watch the video clip after the jump. But avoid it if you’re a believer in SkyNet.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Tesla Motors’ YouTube

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Chris Chin

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