A new Tesla Roadster is confirmed to be on the way in four years

Tesla’s been fairly busy over the past couple years, focusing on the launch and maintenance of their Model S line, while continuing to improve its offerings with constant research and development that also consists of supplying and building a support network and infrastructure for their EVs. Additionally, they also have their hands tied behind their backs with the preparation of their new Model X crossover and Model E entry-level sedan.

Now though, Tesla confirmed to be reviving the Roadster for their lineup, which they say will be ready within four years and it’ll apparently feature a lot of plaid, just to reference Spaceballs.

We’re not exactly sure what they mean by this, but either way, the more important bit of this news is that the Roadster is being designed to sprint to 60 in just 3.3 seconds, thanks to the new battery recently announced for the Model S, including its new “ludicrous mode.”

Tesla didn’t spare any more details, but the original Roadster’s chassis was sourced from Lotus and there’s not much indication that the new model should follow the original version’s path.

Source: Tesla Motors


Chris Chin

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