Report: BMW M downplays M7 again, no M3 Touring, M2 on the way

One of the fun things involving BMW M is the ability to speculate and ponder about potential models that we whimsically could think of.

For example, the BMW M3 and M4 are high-performance versions of the 3-Series sedan and 4-Series coupe. But BMW also produces the 3-Series Touring wagon. And long has the auto enthusiast yearned for a hot BMW M3 wagon, so much that several serious Roundel enthusiasts made their own chop swaps. But BMW themselves never made such a model.

That said, hopes, dreams, and demands ran amuck for an M3 Touring, but BMW M’s Frank van Meel said that it just simply won’t happen. The reason: not enough demand.

In addition to the topic of potential BMW M model ideas, there’s also been a lot of clamor for a full-fledged performance M7 based off of the 7-Series. And this is something that can easily be argued for, given examples like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class AMG, the Audi S8, and Jaguar XJR prove that big, fast, luxurious q-ships is a winning formula.

However, according to van Meel, BMW still maintains that the 7-Series is about luxury and the idea of BMW M stepping in is too much of a clash to the 7’s image. Additionally, BMW’s product planner, Paul Ferraiolo, also echoed these sentiments, saying the Alpina B7 fufils the roll of a full-fledged high-performance BMW 7-Series.

BMW M is still interested in expanding their BMW M Performance offerings throught its lineup, all of which should be rolled out over the next few years.

One thing’s for sure, van Meel did confirm the arrival of the highly-anticipated M2 coupe, which is also supposed to be the spiritual successor to the hot and wonderful 1-Series M Coupe. That’s due in Frankfurt for a reveal in September with a launch commencing at the end of the year.

And we’re definitely excited for that.

Source: Telegraaf via WCF

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