Video: Take a moment to experience the Alfa Romeo Giulia in video form–you know you want to

If you don’t quite understand it, Alfa Romeos have their own special reputation for being all things that soulful motoring should be. Like Italian culture, Italian food, Italian people, and so-on, you can tell their cars are just as much Italian as everything else, filled with soul, excitement, and joie de vivre, not by the way they’re styled, but also the way they’re built and the way they drive.

This starts with the audible soundtrack that the car makes–and Alfas always made great sounds.

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That’s why we’re bringing you a short video promo snippet supplied by Alfa Romeo, regarding the new Giulia. Because like them, we want you to know what the new Giulia sounds like. Needless to say, we had to have a few changes of pants.

Check it out below.


Chris Chin

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