Report: Hyundai’s apparently working on a new Genesis-based crossover

Hyundai’s on a wave of expanding their lineup and according to Australia’s, the Korean automaker is possibly planning a new crossover based on the Genesis sedan.

Could this imply the possibility of a rear-wheel drive crossover? It could be, given Hyundai’s fearlessness to compete with some of the big dogs, such as the ones from Japan and Germany. The current Hyundai Genesis and Equus need no explanations–they’re brilliant luxury vehicles with the Genesis even driving with surprising levels of athleticism.

And given these attempts to run with the luxury pack, there’s little doubt in our mind that Hyundai’s even considering to run with the luxury crossover pack, since of course, we all know, crossovers are a hot topic in all segments of the market.

According to the report in addition, Hyundai Motor Company’s Australia PR manager, Bill Thomas, told the outlet that a luxury SUV with a Genesis badge is on Dave Zuchowski’s wishlist.

Specifics weren’t shared obviously, but Thomas supposedly hinted a crossover in the range of the Jeep Grand Cherokee–which almost doesn’t make sense since they have the Santa Fe. However, the Santa Fe could move upmarket since the Genesis Coupe is already doing that.

So many possibilities, much to ponder. What would you like to see Hyundai attempt? I mean, they are attempting a pickup truck…


Chris Chin

Chris Chin is the Editor-In-Chief of egmCarTech and is a regular contributor to Automobile Magazine.

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