Report: Details for next-gen 2018 BMW 3-Series surface

It may seem like the 2018 BMW 3-Series just came out but in reality, it’s actually been around for quite some time–a little over four years.

That means we’re about half-way through through the F30’s generation lifespan of around eight years. That also means a new generation of 3-Series is on the way, and it just so happens CAR received the scoop on what to expect for the next-gen model, the G20 (we wonder if Infiniti will be knocking on their door about trademark infringement…).

As we’ve come to expect from new generations of car, the new BMW 3-Series is anticipated┬áto be new and improved over the current version, with sources within Munich describing the improvements involving the car’s “substance, character, craftsmanship, visual, and haptic quality…” Whatever any of that means…

Can we just get our old 3-Series back?

Anyway, the new 3er is expected to pack more tech and equipment to provide greater value for the money (the sort of thing we’re not trying to hear and see for the next 3-Series). However, the upside to this is that BMW’s rumored to be providing more high-performance optional upgrades, such as a power kit, heavier duty brakes, and more driver assistance systems like remote-controlled parking (as debuted on the BMW i3) and semi-autonomous driving tech.

Power is otherwise to be provided by the usual range of turbocharged inline-fours and sixes but with a new influx of hybrid and plug-in hybrid options. And obviously, while discussing a new generation of 3-Series, there’s also the expectation of a new M3 (and M4), which from what we know as of now, will use new technology such as electric turbochargers for the 3.0L TwinPower Turbo inline-six and water injection, for a output of around 500hp.

Source: CAR

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