Report: Rolls-Royce customers are apparently demanding a crossover

A few years back, it seems like a crossover from an automaker like Bentley or Rolls-Royce was just blasphemous–Rolls-Royce themselves then said they had no interest in producing one since they thought it would dilute the brand’s value and exclusivity and those who wanted a luxurious crossover or SUV would just get a Range Rover.

But Bentley has been known to be working on one for sometime and they’re almost ready to reveal the car later this year at Geneva. That said, being Bentley’s sole adversary, Rolls-Royce might have a change of heart on the subject since crossovers are popular, they really sell well, and crossovers are one of the easy ways to keep the money rolling in for long-term financial stability. Additionally, Rolls would just want to match Bentley’s move regardless.

Further increasing the chances of a possible Rolls-Royce crossover is the fact that Rolls’ North American communications head, Gerry Spahn, said to CarAdvice, “I have owners yelling at me,” to get a crossover in production.

As a result, with BMW working on a new large X7 crossover, there are chances Rolls might use that platform as a starting point for this possible crossover, given BMW supplies Rolls with a lot of parts. Both the Phantom and the Ghost are based off of the BMW 7-Series as an example.

Do you think Rolls-Royce deserves or needs to build a crossover?

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CarAdvice

Chris Chin

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