Report: Audi’s next-gen R8 could forgo the option of a 4.2L V8, period

One of the highlights of the original Audi R8 is its lovely naturally-aspirated 4.2L V8, which has served duty in various forms in a long-list of Audis over the past decade, despite being the entry-level motor for the range.

But now, thanks to downsizing and fuel economy, Motoring heard the R8 will forgo the option of its original 4.2L V8 altogether, similarly to how some S cars, like the Audi S4 and the S5, surrendered the 4.2L V8 option for an all-new 3.0L supercharged V6.

This only leaves the option for the more-expensive V10 powered R8, utilizing a Lamborghini-sourced 5.2L mill from the new Huracan. However, there’s a strong chance that should the V8 be dropped, in its place would be a force-fed V6. But rumors within Motoring’s find also indicate the chance of seeing a turbocharged four-banger as an optional motor as well. Either way, Audi’s R8 will also be gaining an all-electric version, following earlier research and development, ultimately leading to an R8 e-tron.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Motoring

Chris Chin

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