Report: A Lexus LF-A successor is not in the plans for the near-future

If you suddenly hit the financial jackpot of your dreams and wanted to pursue the car of your dreams, with said dream car being the Lexus LF-A, unfortunately, you won’t be able to jump on one, brand-new, from the factory any more.

That’s because the LF-A was extremely limited in production and it was discontinued in 2012. If you sadly missed this boat, you’ll be more disappointed at the fact that Lexus doesn’t plan on revealing an LF-A replacement any time within the near-future.

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“I think you will see us do some incredible things in the future, but probably not a $375,000 supercar anytime soon,” Lexus’ executive vice president, Mark Templin, said to¬†AutomotiveNews.

The reason for this comes down to the story of the LF-A and how it came to be. Lexus technically lost lots of money on ever LF-A sold, like Volkswagen AG did and still does with every Bugatti Veyron sold, because of the monumental research and development costs, which justify the purchase price of the car. That said, like the Veyron, the LF-A was a technical exercise and showcase for Lexus and as a result, was way left-field for the brand, considering they’ve always been a value-geared alternative to the luxury offerings from Germany.

Though Templin did say Lexus will be offering more F-branded models to compensate for the lack of a high-end sports car or halo car like the LF-A, to keep high-performance interests with the brand elevated.

This isn’t to say an LF-A successor won’t happen period since the original engineers and designers are still interested in producing one. It just won’t happen for a very very long time, and even the LF-A’s original team estimate it won’t be at least a decade until the next hypercar from them shows up.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutomotiveNews

Chris Chin

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