Mitsubishi continues to beat dead horses, teases new concept for Geneva

It seems Mitsubishi has nothing else better to do except tease the public and automotive journalist world with concept after concept after concept, only to have them be long forgotten.

This has been the case with the small Japanese automaker, who’s been showing us some wicked concepts, but almost none of them followed-through to become a production model. And with Mitsu’s current lineup being more obsolete than Phillips’ LaserDisc and the death of the Lancer Evolution, we’re all left wondering if we’ll see Mitsubishi depart the North American market.

Either way, Mitsubishi is back beating the dead-horse of concept reveals again with the teasing of a new concept for Geneva. Does it really matter any more since none of the previous never took off?

It might, because this concept appears to be a new plug-in electric hybrid, and one that could appeal to the masses as a mainstream model. But of course, Mitsubishi didn’t share much in the way of details. So we’ll have to wait until Geneva to find out what exactly it is.


TOKYO – “A future-oriented attitude: powerful, fast and dynamic”. This is the theme of the 85th International Geneva Motor Show official poster in perfect synergy with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s (MMC’s) confident presence this year; from a new dramatic booth design to the sharpness of an all-new concept car.

A world premiere in Geneva, the striking concept car is  a ‘declaration of intent’ for MMC’s future directions -a powerful embodiment of its next generation 2WD plug-in hybrid electric (“PHEV”) technology as well as its bold design renaissance, all contained in Mitsubishi Motors’ favorite format of the SUV crossover.

The all new Mitsubishi Motors concept – a smart combination of engineering, fluency with a high-output electric motor, low environmental impact, dynamic agility and athletic design.

Chris Chin

Chris Chin is the Editor-In-Chief of egmCarTech and is a regular contributor to Automobile Magazine.

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