Report: World’s most original and mint 911 RSR apparently goes down in fire

Lovers of fans of Zuffenhausen’s prancing horse should either prepare to cringe or click away immediately…

Enthusiast site reports via local news in Sacramento that a big Porsche show burned to a crisp in a recent fire, taking along with it, a slew of priceless classics. One of those classics is supposedly the world’s most original and pristine 911 RSR. Ouch…

That model is the last model year before the 911’s first major change up, a 1973 example, chassis number 911.360.1008. It was originally owned by the shop’s proprietor, an individual by the name of Mr. John Skoien.

The RSR #1008’s story begins when it was supposedly bought and imported into this country by Volkswagen of America as a promotional model. It was then sold to a San Diego-based dealer. Skoien was the first private owner of the car.

It was then later featured in Panorama Magazine, where it was described to be the most pristine and and original RSR, possibly in the world.

The article from FlatSixes says the car will most likely be restored, but judging the by picture, it’s going to either take a lot of work or it might just be lost for good. Either way, it’s originality is something it can no longer parade around, unfortunately.

Source: Sacramento CBS 13 via FlatSixes

Chris Chin

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