Offbeat: Distressed by the Saab story? NJ dealer has you covered if you’re still looking to buy one

Saab has had a very troubled past over the past several decades, with many arguing that GM killed the brand, all they way through to when it was liquidated as part of GM’s restructuring.

Ever since that happened, Saab’s been struggling ever since to pay off their preexisting debts while trying to obtain financial security for the future. But even that’s been nothing but turmoil, after Sweden’s own National Electric Vehicle Sweden bankrupted themselves after undertaking Saab’s issues.

But Saab may still have a future as negotiations are slowly taking place as to how to deal with Saab’s debt and how they will proceed in the future as an automaker. In the meantime however, if you’re a massive Saab fan and even love the GM-era Saabs (and there’s a handful out there), you might be in luck as a New Jersey dealership has the Saab bases covered.

Park Avenue Saab in Maywood, NJ, might still the the world’s only active Saab dealership as the establishment still manages to buy and sell Saabs with low miles and ones that were manufacturer’s closed to the automaker’s production end in 2011. Currently, Park Avenue Saab shifts about 40 used Saabs every month and after a quick visit to their site, they have much more than just Saabs.

If you so fancy, head over to their page to take a look. You might want to hide your wallet however…

Source: Park Avenue Saab via AutomotiveNews


Chris Chin

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