Report: Land Rover to file a complaint against an obvious Chinese knock-off of Range Rover Evoque

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China continues to struggle with respecting intellectual property by way of copyright infringement. This can be seen in recent history with the automobile industry, where some of China’s domestic brands clearly copied the designs of other cars in a knock-off fashion. This latest version involves the LandWind X7, which clearly is a rip-off of the Range Rover Evoque.

AutoCar discovered the car following the Guangzhou Motor Show, which happened recently. And the concept is clear: the LandWind X7 is clearly trying to be a Range Rover Evoque for half the price. According to AutoCar, the Range Rover Evoque costs around 40,000 GBP while the Chinese LandWind goes for only 14,000 pounds.

Land Rover issued a statement to AutoCar, which you can read after the jump.

Land Rover’s CEO, Dr. Ralk Speth, to AutoCar:

“The fact that this kind of copying is ongoing in China is very disappointing. The simple principal is that it is not something that should happen; the intellectual property is owned by Jaguar Land Rover and if you break that IP then you are in breach of international regulations that apply around the world.

As a company we have invested heavily in China with our joint venture partner Chery. That commitment is based on a clear business plan, that allows us to hit our sales targets at clear prices. Anything that damages the potential profitability of our plant damages the integrity of those plans.

I will talk to our officials and I will talk to our partners at Chery to find a way around this situation. I cannot imagine Chinese officials will be happy at any actions that undermine the credibility of the country. What we have seen today is not correct.”

Source: AutoCar via AutoBlog

Picture Source: Indian Autos Blog

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