Video: Top Gear UK forced to flee Argentina

BBC’s Top Gear UK crew is hitting headlines as of recent following some issues causing¬†political controversy. That said, we start with a quick history lesson.

For those not familiar and without an entire lecture dedicated to the subject, Great Britain and Argentina went to war with each other very briefly in 1982, over the Falkland Islands, just 300 miles away from Patagonia. It ended up being a very tragic with over 1,000 casualties between both sides and at the end of the day, the British retained their rule over the islands. And the Argentinians? Well, they weren’t too pleased and continue to this day to hold a serious gripe against the UK over it.

Their gripe is so serious in fact that when Top Gear was in Argentina filming the new season, they were apparently forced to flee after being attacked by Argentinian locals. What’s the cause?

*Prepare for spoilers…

According to many reports, the three automotive stooges were driving in a Ford Mustang Mach 1, a Lotus Esprit, and a Porsche 928. Jeremy Clarkson was in a Porsche sporting the number plate, “H982 FLK,” which according to some, was enough to get the locals all riled up over the country’s defeat in the Falklands War in 1982. Top Gear’s producer, Andy Wilman, says that claims the number was chosen on purpose to provoke reactions¬†, or even at random when the vehicle were purchased for a program, were both untrue, according to Yahoo.

Top Gear’s production crew claims the plate numbering was coincidental. But coincidence or not, Top Gear was attacked by being pelted with rocks, forcing the crew to cease filming and flee Argentina by three days. Additionally, Jezza was apparently banned by the city of Ushuaia, the city where the crew planned to end their shoot.

Jalopnik was able to snag some supposed video of the trio being stoned. For that, you can check it out below.


– By: Chris Chin

Source: Yahoo, Jalopnik (1, 2, 3)

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