Report: Wireless charging tech for EVs could surface in 2017

LeftLaneNews reports wireless charging could be a common feature as early as 2017, when the first consumer-ready system is launched.

Electronics giant, Qualcomm, is known to be working on a new inductive charging system called Halo, briefly detailed by the company’s vice-president for business development and marketing, Anthony Thompson.

“We’re in discussions at some level with all of the major companies developing electric vehicles, and some requests for quotations have already gone out.”

So far, the cost of the system will most likely leave wireless charging as an upgradable option with an extra cost for luxury models. Thompson does predict wireless charging should dominate the market within ten years from now, however.

Qualcomm has already begun testing the Halo wireless charging system on the BMW i8 Formula E safety car.

Source: LeftLaneNews

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