Report: Nokia to produce in-car systems as it departs from cell-phones

Most should be familiar with Nokia–the famous brick cell-phone manufacturer that always seems to have defied the odds and the laws of physics, being some of the toughest phones known to man. So much in fact, there’s an entire meme surrounding their toughness. But being a car blog, why are we talking about Nokia?

Well, recently, the famed cell-phone manufacturer who’s known for making the Windows-based Lumia phones, announced to be relieving their duty of producing smartphones and cellphones in general, as that branch was entirely sold off to Microsoft themselves. That said, the BBC News reports that Nokia will be venturing into the development of in-car infotainment systems, sat-nav and car-to-car communication. So far, other big software and hardware names have penetrated the automobile market–Garmin produces systems for Chrysler, Tom-Tom produces Mazda’s system, graphics giant nVidia produces systems for Audi, and the list goes on. Nokia will be joining them very soon as Apple also recently revealed their iOS-based in-car software system.

Additionally, hardware giant Intel invested a pretty big lump sum of $100 million in 2012 to develop car-to-car, car-to-mobile device, and vehicle-to-infrastructure systems, as well as other tech. It has since then exploded and continues to grow rapidly.

Source: BBC News

Chris Chin

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