Report: Toyota GT 86 variants apparently back in the rumor mill

Motoring in Australia down yonder is claiming that Toyota is back in game of expanding the GT 86 lineup.

In the past, rumors and reports have suggested that Toyota will expand the GT 86 lineup with a convertible, a sedan, a hybrid, and even a turbocharged high performance variant, all of which have yet to be confirmed as “on the way.”

Then more recently, some news surfaced that Toyota’s GT 86 wasn’t selling as commonly as they hoped, killing any chance of lineup expansion and providing fans of the car with a highly demanded high-performance version.

But the latest report says that the supposed sedan version of the GT 86 will come in September of 2015 with a turbocharged engine as well as a turbo-hybrid powertrain with all-wheel drive. Direct injection may also be on the table raising horsepower to at least 295hp.

Though, again, nothing has been confirmed and what seems to be questioning the validity of this report is that the sedan will be the only model receiving the turbo–a rather odd move if it reigns to be true.

What do you think egmCarTech’ers, do you think the Aussies are pulling our strings, or is Toyota actually getting around to expanding the GT 86?

Let us know below.


Chris Chin

Chris Chin is the Editor-In-Chief of egmCarTech and is a regular contributor to Automobile Magazine.

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