Report: Hyundai to offer a diesel Genesis in the future

Hyundai has come quite a long way since appearing in the US years ago as a masochistic alternative to walking. Since their debut here, we’ve gotten some rougher pieces of work, but over the past five years, the company has produced cars that still wear the stigma of the Hyundai name, but offer performance, luxury, and reliability. Their sales have picked up too, which means that they can afford to become a little more adventuresome in their offerings and to offer bolder styling choices, but the big news is no longer that of a $38,000 Hyundai, but of a Genesis that may come with a diesel engine.

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In waters that even American automakers rarely tread until recently, Hyundai hinted to¬†Auto Nation that they will be offering a diesel Genesis. This is a pretty small market, occupied by the Audi A6 TDI, BMW 535d, and Mercedes E250 BlueTec. Senior Group Manager for Product Planning at Hyundai, Brandon Ramirez, is quoted as saying “While we can’t specify plans for future models, we are studying the possibility of diesel engines.” What is on the table? Hyundai uses a 2.2 liter diesel cranking out 197 bhp and 322 ft-lbs over in Europe and South Korea, so it would not be entirely shocking to see this engine mated up to Hyundai’s 8-speed auto with power heading to the rear wheels with Hyundai’s optional HTRAC all wheel drive. This seems like a solid offer given Hyundai’s direct competition of cars like the ‘Merc, which offers 195 bhp and 395 ft-lbs.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: AutoNation

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